Adult Learners’ Week – March 24th – April 01st, 2012

In conjunction with Adult Learners’ Week 2012 (A Thousand and One Ways to Learn) the Wakeham Adult and Vocational Education Center provided an opportunity for their students, as well as the community to learn skills (hobbies) in the traditional way.

A variety of workshops were set up between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm.

The day began with the three following workshops: Make-up Application – Crystal Hackett/Uniprix, Painting – Linda Drody and Fly Tying – Donald Thibault.

These sessions were followed by a lovely catered lunch provided by the center and prepared by the Brise Bise.

Between 1pm and 2pm, we were entertained by the following presentations

Quilting – Deborah Carmichael (Patterson), Woodworking – Dennis Palmer and Guitar – Christian Jacques.

The day concluded with the three following sessions on Gardening with Ada Coffin, Digital Photography with Wendell Stanley and Archery with Archie Adams.

It was very interesting to have the opportunity to gain knowledge from gifted individuals rather than through reading and studying a program.

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