Important Dates to Know…

The ‘Current and Upcoming Events’ Section has been updated and will continue to be updated with vital dates to know and remember. Keep checking to see what is new and happening!

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PROM, 2012!

PROM is this Saturday night, May 12th at BPS! Everyone is very excited for the glamor, the dancing and the fun. We hope to see many proud parents there, as we take a night to celebrate our graduates.

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The 30 Hour Famine is coming…

On April 20th , students participating in the 30 Hour Famine will be having a sleepover at BPS. While they will be enjoying many fun activities, the students will also be facing the hunger that many others worldwide have to endure every single day. This year, the BPS students voted to put the money raised towards providing clean drinking water to villages in Africa. REMINDER TO STUDENTS: THE MONEY YOU COLLECT MUST BE HANDED IN NO LATER THAN APRIL 18TH TO SECURE YOUR SPOT IN THIS EVENT.

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Winter Carnival Week has come to an end…

Well, it was a GREAT week filled with lots of crazy costumes, exciting games, and wonderful participation on behalf of students and staff. However, one team began to dominate mid-week, and ultimately became the winners of this years carnival.

To see pictures click here.

WINTER CARNIVAL 2012 WINNERS: THE PURPLE TEAM! Congratulations to everyone on the Purple Team! You showed true school spirit, and showed everyone that it takes participation to win this contest. Stay tuned for details about your PIZZA PARTY reward!

Taylor McWhirter
Elizabeth Dupuis
Daryk Legouffe

Chris Mansley
Lewis Evans
Jason Cormier
Alice Dell
Kate Peart
Lyla Thompson

Joshua Budd
Ryan Cyr
Jessie LeGrand
Tabitha Gallibois
Laura Legresley
Amy Huntington
Kayla Caplin
Nick Bujold
Savannah Bernard
Tanya Condo
Vanessa Harrison
Jacob Dow
Deion Condo
Charles Briere
Haley Gallon
Cassidy Martin Condo
Kurt Gallon
Devin Mauger
Brandon Legouffe-Jerome
Alexandre Gagnon
Ashley Wellman Hottot
Shyann Stanley
Jamal Coull
Trevor Walker
Juleah Dobson
Scott Walker

Congratulations to EVERYONE on a fun, successful 2012 Winter Carnival!

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WINTER CARNIVAL! (March 19th – March 23rd)

The madness of our Annual Winter Carnival is upon us again! Each day, students who dress in their team colors will earn 1 point for their teams, students who dress in theme day apparel will earn 2 points for their teams, EVERY student who PARTICIPATES in noon hour activities will earn a point for their team, and then the winning teams for each noon activity will earn the following: 1st place = 4 points, 3rd place = 3 points, 2nd place = 2 points, 4th place = 1 point.

Here is a rundown of the theme days and noon hour activities:

MONDAY, March 19th: Crazy Colors Day Wear as much color as possible! NOON = Obstacle Course in the small gym at 12:30 Come out and participate, and watch the craziness that will ensue! Every student that does the obstacle course will win a point for their team, and the fastest team will get the 4 bonus points!

TUESDAY, March 20th: School Spirit Day Wear your BPS clothing with pride, and dress in the blue & gold. Paint your face, and show some spirit! NOON = Tug of War at 12:30 in the Small Gym It will take numbers to win this event, so be the team with the most participants!

WEDNESDAY, March 21st: Gender Bender Day The boys will dress as girls, the girls will dress as boys, and hilarity will be the end result! NOON = “Beauty” Parade in the Small Gym at 12:30 Each team will have 20 mins. to prepare each other for this parade. (Bring make-up, wigs, etc.) Teams will then parade in front of a panel of judges and the most ‘beautiful’ (ie the most OUTRAGEOUS) looking team will win the extra points! EVERY participant will earn a point as well.

THURSDAY, March 22nd: Formal Day Wear your fanciest, most formal attire and look your very best. NOON = Dance-A-Thon in the Small Gym at 12:15 Teams will literally dance till they drop! At 12:15, the dance will begin, and the team with the most members STILL dancing at the end will win the extra points for their team! EVERY student that dances will earn a point as well.

FRIDAY, March 23rd: Halloween, Take 2 Halloween returns to the hallowed halls of BPS once more. Dress in your favorite Halloween costume. NOON = Egg Toss in the parking lot at 12:30 Find a partner from any team and be prepared to toss eggs at each other – and CATCH them, of course. The last 4 pairs with their egg still intact will win the extra points for their teams, but EVERY student who participates will earn a point.

TEAM COLORS: This year, Student Council decided that the teams colors will be RED, YELLOW, GREEN & PURPLE. A HUGE thanks to the 23 Student Council members for helping to plan this years events. *The STUDENT COUNCIL section under ‘Clubs’ has recently been updated as well. Check it out!*


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BPS Gets R.A.P Award!

BPS has been granted an R.A.P award for the 2nd CONSECUTIVE year! The Recognition Award Program (RAP) identifies, recognizes and encourages excellence in school physical education programs. Schools must demonstrate commitment to the Quality of Daily Physical Education (QDPE) and Quality of Physical Education (QPE) philosophy and meet the official standards and criteria to be eligible for this prestigious award. Congratulations, BPS!

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March Break

March Break is fast approaching. BPS will be closed from March 5th – 9th. Enjoy your break, be happy and be safe. School resumes on March 12th, and soon after, the BPS Winter Carnival will be held from March 19th – 23rd! Remember to check out the ‘Current and Upcoming Events’ section to always ‘be in the know’.

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Student Parent Teacher

Meetings will be available tomorrow February 29th from 1 PM – 6 PM.

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Due to the massive snowstorm that hit us today, the BPS Gift Bingo at the Legion in New Carlisle has been moved to March 17th. Please try to come and support our school!

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February Happenings…

A few updates for February:
* The VOLLEYBALL section under EVENTS has recently been updated.
* YOGA has moved to room 104 (next door to the Art Room). Yoga is still every Wednesday at 12:45
* There was a BPS Humanitarian Club Meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 21st.
* Book Club will meet this Thursday in the library at 12:30.
* There is a GIFT BINGO FOR BPS! This will be held at the New Carlisle Legion on Saturday, Feb. 25th at 7 PM. Proceeds go towards the school yearbook. All are welcome. Please come out, have fun, and support our school!
* Anti-Bullying Week is from Feb. 23rd – 29th. BPS will be selling Pink Anti-Bullying t-shirts once again this year. Only $2 for students, and $5 for staff.
* PARENT – TEACHER – STUDENT NIGHT Will be held on Thursday, Feb 23rd, starting at 6:00. NOT 6:30! This is the LAST Parent/Teacher night of the year, so be sure to attend!
* A new section has been added to the BPS Website, entitled ‘Current and Upcoming Events’, so you can always be ‘in the know’.

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